Coding for beginners

Coding for beginners
Photo by Mohammad Rahmani / Unsplash
How do I build something? I’m not a programmer.

If you wanna learn to make apps, build websites, etc and don’t have a budget to hire a developer, you should really take a couple of months and learn to build products. With a bit of effort and dedication you can develop and idea into software that actually work and does the way it should. Of course, you probably won’t be rebuilding Crysis that quickly, but you’ll certain be able to start building things that everyone will envy you for.

How to prepare yourself:

  • It’s gonna take some time and effort.
  • You will probably have endless nights, getting close to pulling your hair out. If you you get close to giving up, then well done, you’re getting deep into the coding game. Just carry on and you’ll have a breakthrough. Hopefully not a mental breakdown.
  • You will become a professional at googling
  • You will probably lose your your social life. But internet coding friends exist for this reason.
  • You will be proud of your first piece of software that finally works, but in 2 months you will absolutely hate it.

Additional Notes

  • You don’t need to attend courses, bootcamps, etc.
  • Probably don’t need books either, but might be helpful if you need some theoretical algorythms.
  • Do some sort of exercise a few times a week. Swim, surf, skate, run, gym, whatever.

And most importantly