Tropical Winter

Tropical Winter
The kind of waves you only see in winter.

One morning about a week ago I noticed an offshore westerly wind when I woke up. And a fairly big swell to go with it.

It was freezing cold too due to snow falling on nearby mountains the previous night.

I grabbed my camera and drove down to the beach to look at the waves.

It was quite a special morning.

Here's some of the highlights, all JPEG's straight off the camera.

Sussing the paddle out
On a peeler
One of the bigger sets, simply too fast!
Scotty seeking the best angles
The wind blew my hair in front of the lens, but created quite a cool effect
About to get slotted in a nugget
Pretty cool composition here I reckon.

Pretty happy with how some of these photos came out - and perhaps lucky that the lineup was so close to the rocks, which meant I pretty much didn't need a zoom lens.

Hope for another few mornings like these before winter ends.