How to create smart playlists for Apple Music on your iPhone

How to create smart playlists for Apple Music on your iPhone
Photo by Caught In Joy / Unsplash

I’ve been using Apple Music since it’s initial launch in 2015. It launched in South Africa long before Spotify and being a Mac + iPhone owner at the time, it was the obvious answer to my music needs.

Recently on my Macbook I started playing with Smart Playlists on the Music App. For those unfamiliar with Smart Playlists, basically it allows you to programmatically create playlists. Think adding songs only from a certain year, a specific genre or heck even the number of time’s you’ve listened to it on Apple Music. It’s really a cool feature and it often allows you to rediscovery songs I added in my Library of thousands of songs.

So last night I was thinking of a specific combination for a new Smart Playlist and thought I’m going to create it on my iPhone. Strangely, I quickly realised this feature doesn’t exist on my iPhone. I was very surprised indeed.

No fret, I was coincidentally playing with the Shortcuts App on iPhone a few days prior and a bunch of Apple Music commands caught my eye. Behold, it’s actually possible to create “Smart Playlists” using Shortcuts on iPhone.

Here’s a copy of a shortcut I created that will generate a playlist based on the 25 most played songs in your Library

Modify it and add your own logic.

Of course, it’s not as powerful as the native Smart Playlist feature on Apple Music on your Mac, but you can achieve the same results.

Do you have any other cool things you use Shortcuts and Apple Music for? Do share with me on Twitter.