On Making Things

On Making Things

I'm just a maker.
It's something that I cannot deny... I love creating things more than anything else.
I love taking photos.
Making Films.
Sometimes Writing.
I think I write more code than anything else really - which is still 'making'. And sort of writing, thinking of algorithms and basically creating things that started as a simple idea to making it work!

I'm pretty sure it's something in my blood, but my results in making things have always been way better than just repeating things.

In school I always got good marks writing papers and doing projects... not really spending nights memorising dead info and rewriting them the next day.

While I do think a lot of the 'dead info' have its purpose it's pretty useless if it's not used in practice.

Use what you're good at or want to be good at and constantly make things.You will learn and understand a lot more how something works in practice than any amount of content memorisation will ever let you understand.