I built an internet performance analytics tool isplogger.com
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I built an internet performance analytics tool isplogger.com

If you’re family, friend or follower (like on Twitter), you most certainly know by now they struggles I’ve had with my internet connection in most of 2020. If not, I recommend reading these posts to familiarise yourself the the bigger picture of why I build ISP Logger:


My internet connection is extremely unstable or slow at specific times of the day and then other times of the day it works fine. It is very difficult to explain to customer support of the ISP’s especially when they want to do tests and the problem would vanish at that time, making troubleshooting difficult. I need a way to show the ISP with proof how and when service deteriorates.


Introducing ISP Logger

ISP Logger is a tiny Open Source script that runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows via a Docker image. It performs a test every hour and sends the data to a cloud based server. With a modern cloud based Dashboard analyse your connections performance and stability from anywhere.


  • Log from any device that supports Docker.
  • Automatically locates a local test server.
  • Browse your results on an easy to use dashboard.
  • Export results data in JSON and CSV (coming soon).
  • Graph out all results and to find poor times.

Tech Stack

  • The Docker Image is uses Python
  • The Backend is written in Python and uses the Django Web Framework.
  • The Frontend is built with React (Next JS) and the Bulma CSS Framework.

Try it out now over at isplogger.com. Get started for free.

Open Source

The Docker client is fully open source. Contributers get upgraded to PRO for life.

ISP Logger on Github